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About Us

We are happy to present to you Bulgarian Horizons newspaper - the only periodical publication for the Bulgarian community in Canada!

The first immigrants from Bulgaria have come to Canada over a hundred years ago and since then they have been leading a very vibrant social life. Only in the last decade tens of thousands have arrived to build their new future in this country. Bulgarian Horizons newspaper aims at all Canadian Bulgarians and is answering a very essential demand - to read in Bulgarian what is happening within the Bulgarian community. Also, we write about everything that is of interest or affects our lives - social and political news, sports, etc., both in Canada and Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Horizons newspaper offers a huge potential for advertisers. It is the only periodical newspaper that caters for the needs of Bulgarian Canadians and finds its way in their homes.







Our Team

Maxim Bozhilov

Editor and Marketing
Anelia Basheva
Svetlana Foteva  Milen Bozhilov

Graphic Design
Marinela Batulski

Paulina Bachvarova
Romi Sabkova
Vesela Yaneva - Ottawa
Lili Goleminova

Web support
Silvana Grupcheva




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